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London Marathon 2017

Almost a year ago, I had a crack at the London Marathon. A big occasion that lives up to the hype. I didn’t get my target time of 4 hours, running the distance in 4:10:46. Which is why I’m having another go this year in the Brighton marathon. So what went wrong?

Getting Sick

I picked up a bug about one month before the event which took miles out of my training regime, and left me short of fitness in the final days. I was ill for one week, but it impacted greatly on the next three weeks.

Being Honest About My Expected Finish Time

On the race application, I said that I expected to finish in 4 hours. It seems that a great number of people were more dishonestly optimistic about their times than I was. As a result, I spent the whole race stuck in heavy traffic, struggling to run past slower runners. The end of race stats told me I ran past 15,000 people. That’s 15,000 people who over-estimated their abilities and got in my way!

Weekly Target

I almost had the fitness, but I was slightly off. I trained up to 38 miles a week. This year I’ve been nailing 40 miles.

Training Period

For the 2017 marathon, I trained for 4 months. This year I will have trained for 5 months.

2017 training got patchy with illness making a big impact…

This year’s training has gone a lot more smoothly. More miles over a longer period of time.

That’s enough moaning. This year I have tweaked my approach rather than changed it radically. I will have completed the same number of big runs (3 x 20 mile runs). But getting in more miles per week and over a longer period of time should yield some great results. Add to that the fact that Brighton should give me a lot more running space than the London marathon could. Sure it will be busy at the start, but after that, I should get some space.


So here is the evidence…

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Marathon Training: Final Big Run

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After trying to do this last week (got to Hyde Park and my legs were dead), I decided to give my Edgware to Hyde Park and back run another go for my final big run.

The run out to Hyde Park went well. Managed to maintain an average pace of 5:36 per kilometre. The return run was painfully slow though. So I averaged at 6:03 for the whole run. I need to get that under 5:40 and add another 10km to the end on race day if I’m going to get under 4 hours for the marathon.

At the start line; the glamorous McDonald’s Stanmore at the top of the A5.

Half way point after 90 minutes at sone fancy Roman statue…

Which looks so much more impressive without my ugly face. 

Half time treats on a warm spring day at Hyde Park Corner.

Back at the finish line complete with farmer’s tan, stains and very painful ankles!

Those final splits were rotten! Got through the run without injury though. Two weeks till race day now, so time to recover and get strong for race day.

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Marathon Training

So I have finally decided to enter the London Marathon as a gold bond runner! I am running for a charity, The White Lodge Centre. After seven attempts to try and enter the marathon via the public ballot, I am starting to believe that I may be rather ancient and decrepit by the time that bet comes in. So let me tell you a bit more about the charity that I will be supporting for VMLM2017…

The White Lodge Centre

White Lodge Centre supports disabled children, young people and adults, their families and carers in Surrey and throughout the surrounding areas. They specialise in care for those with a diverse range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy and other similar conditions. They are recognised as a centre of excellence where all the services we offer consistently attain the highest possible standards.
It costs over £2.5 million a year to run the White Lodge Centre which is not fully met by statutory sources, so they do rely on voluntary donations to maintain these vital services.

Please donate to this great cause!


There are several aspects to marathon training:

  • Run 36-40 miles per week by race day
  • Do at least 3 x 20 mile runs prior to the race
  • To build up slowly, increasing running distance by 2 miles every week
  • Tapering off in the last two weeks
  • Mix up runs with race-pace, distance runs, interval sessions and cross-training (i.e.non-running activities)
  • Have at least one rest day per week

So far, after one month of training, I have been tracking what I have been doing via a spreadsheet, and trying to heed the above rules!

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